Talk to your neighbors. Get organized. Gangs look for neighborhoods that do not seem to communicate, do not appear organized and that would be unlikely to report crimes or band together to prevent criminal activity.

To prevent or reduce gang activity:

  • Organize neighborhood block watch groups and phone trees. Coordinate efforts to build strength and keep each other informed. A crime prevention specialist from your local police department can assist you in organizing your first neighborhood meeting.
  • Report gang activity to the police and to our neighbors. Unless crimes are reported, little can be done to apprehend suspects or to prevent future crimes.
  • Be visible. Neighborhoods where people work and play in the yards and make their presence felt are less attractive to any criminal. Keep exterior lights on all night.
  • Paint out graffiti - as soon as possible. This tells gangs that residents "OWN" the neighborhood and that they care. Painting over the graffiti interferes with gang communication.
  • Consider joining with other community groups to impact legislation and send a powerful message to local authorities about your concern.
  • Get involved with young people. Volunteer your time through parks, schools or service organizations. Provide alternatives to gang activity. Spend time with youth to teach appropriate values and to emphasize that adults do care.
  • Become aware and remain informed. Know the early warning signs and report gangs-related activities.

Everyone's Issue
Gang violence is increasing. Gang Activity is no longer confined to inner-cities. Gangs are informing and spreading into suburbs and rural communities. More and more youths are becoming lost to pressures to join gangs and to engage in gang activities. Children become involved in gangs at younger and younger ages.

Everyone now pays a price for activity through additional police patrols, hospital bills, violence against businesses, security costs, graffiti removal and ongoing threats of crime against persons and property.

Gang violence is now everyone's issue.

The solution to gang involvement is now everyone's solution.

Only through coordinated community effort can youth be diverted from gang involvement and can victims receive the help they truly need.

Addressing the Issue through Multiple Solutions:

  • Support groups for victims of gang violence.
  • Diversion programs to prevent youths from seeking gang involvement.
  • Community education on the growing problem of gang violence and on community solutions.
  • Aid to youths leaving gangs to find other activities.
  • Advocacy for victims of gang violence in seeking help from the criminal justice and social service systems.
  • Grief support groups for families who have lost someone to gang violence.
  • Case management for families at risk of gang involvement, therapist/counselors available.
  • Community advocacy to the legislature, court system, schools and law enforcement on gang prevention and victims' rights.
  • Parenting classes.

Our Mission:
New Hope of Arizona, Inc. will join together with local communities to eradicate youth violence from our neighborhoods and give our children the right to lead full and fruitful lives.

How You Can Help:
Only through widespread community involvement and action can this spreading community problem be addressed. You, your company and your service organization can step up to the plate and:

  • Donate resources or funds.
  • Invite a speaker from New Hope of Arizona, Inc. to address your service group, association or corporate meeting.
  • Place our literature where others can learn more about solutions to gang involvement and gang violence.
  • Contact us and let us know how your personally would like to serve as with any community organization. New Hope of Arizona, Inc. depends on your support for its ability to continue to provide services. Because the problem of gang violence is increasing, our vision is to grow our programs so that we can reach and serve as many youths and families as possible.