New Hope of Arizona, Inc.

New Hope of Arizona, Inc.

Mission Statement

New Hope of Arizona is an organization that seeks to support and provide effective services that restore and rebuild youth and their families with the ability to achieve their goals in a natural environment. New Hope of Arizona offers positive role models, unconditional support and skill building activities assisting the foundation by increasing the resiliency of youth and their families. Earning and maintaining families trust is just one component with the ability to participate in an outreach, screening, assessment, and treatment planning process that results in a family focused, strength based treatment with the intent to instill hope. To enhance the quality of life and bring knowledge, skills and resources to families; it is essential for the youth to be the New Hope of Arizona.

About Us

New Hope of Arizona, Inc. was founded in June 2008 with the mission of providing hope, safety and a sense of integrity to children and adults across Arizona. Our organization recognized the needs of individuals with behavioral, mental and medical challenges. These challenges can affect everyday life including aggressive behaviors, self-harm and communication difficulties. Therefore, we sought to produce effective services giving these individuals a chance to succeed in their natural environments.

Our services are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of positivity that youth and adults can depend on. We work in collaboration with individuals and families for positive changes they can embrace. Our belief is to focus on community integration and natural resources assisting the individual and family when necessary. By being productive and independent, our hope for the individuals we serve is to become productive members in their community.  

New Hope of Arizona, Inc. has proven to be effective with supporting individuals in need and successfully meeting their treatment goals leading to positive transitions. The qualities of our services are intended to instill hope, independence and confidence. Utilizing community resources, our individuals can enjoy themselves and are able to fulfill their lives while learning to improve their self-esteem; an important factor to be successful.

More About Our Outpatient Services

For help with Adults, we strongly recommend Concepts for Change.

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Providing hope, safety and a sense of integrity to children and adults across Arizona.
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The following requirements must be met prior to joining the New Hope of Arizona, Inc employment team.
1. An approved Arizona Department of Public Safety Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card.
2. First Aid and CPR must be current.
3. Valid driver license.
4. Motor vehicle insurance must be current.
5. Minimum of two years experience related to the behavioral health service field.
6. Current resume must include recent job positions related to the behavioral health field.
7. Proof of education.

If interested in receiving more information regarding employment with New Hope of Arizona, Inc please fax resume. Attention: Ricardo Sainz to (602)535-5912.